Too many times, businesses assume that potential clients know what they're talking about before they talk about it, but chances are, they probably don't. Or, they overestimate their ability to digest a highly wordy presentation and forget the fact the client has probably heard 5-6 pitches that week already (or maybe even that day). This goes for email pitches as well (where clients might have 20 minutes to read your document).  

My goal is to write & design presentations to reach every audience, whether they know about the client's work or not. I always keep their attention span in mind and aim to target everyone's learning style (whether visual, audio or hands-on) throughout the entire deck. 

Whether than writing presentations from scratch for clients, I ask that they send me a rough draft of their presentation in Word format, and I'll take it from there to re-fine and illustrate in words and in image form. Although I can't share actual decks I've worked on (as they are all confidential), I can share with you a few samples of some of my published work. 

Huffington Post (ghost writing piece)

Untapped Cities 

Untapped Cities

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